A New Standard in Cleaning and Service...

A dry cleaner must complete a stringent application process to become an Award of Excellence cleaner. Because of these requirements, Award of Excellence cleaners will remain few compared to the general population of dry cleaners. The requirements are:

*Meeting or exceeding a specific initial level of education and training on an ongoing basis.

* Acceptance and good standing in a national dry cleaning trade association that offers education, research, monthly periodicals, training and technical support.

* Annually passing a Cleaning Quality Performance test to ensure good cleaning

*Annually passing the Stain Removal Test, comprised of six difficult stains on white silk

*Displaying and upholding a set of customer service principles that guarantee:

This is made evident by:

  • Prompt attention to your inquires or concerns
  • Technical competence and professional quality
  • Return of our garments when promised
  • Adherence to non-gender-based pricing
  • A commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Free cleaning of the American Flag
  • A Money-Back service Guarantee

Scollard's Cleaners Specializes In:

  • Wedding gown cleaning preservation (PPP)
  • Area rugs and pillows
  • Drapery cleaning
  • Down coats
  • Sleeping bags
  • Repairs and Alterations
  • Garments, Suits and Dresses.
  • Leather, suedes, cleaning and repair
  • Ugg Boots Cleaning
Scollards Cleaners is a locally owned, full service dry cleaning and shirt laundry facility. We have been serving the Spokane area since 1945 and take great pride in helping our customer's individual cleaning needs. From that special Wedding Gown to a favorite dress or that important business suit Scollards Cleaners will always work at achieving the best cleaning possible...WE GUARANTEE IT.

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